About SCL


We will do our best for the success of your business!

Show Cargo Logistics is a young, yet established company founded by a team of talented people
with many years of experience in the fields of overseas exhibitions, imports and exports.

We Carry Any Cargo, Anywhere, Anytime!

Show Cargo Logistics can send just about anything you want anywhere! This includes everything from general exports and exhibition cargo to performance cargo,
material for events and all types of special cargo. We provide as total and
wide a range of total logistics services as one could ever imagine.

A Full Logistics Package in just one step

Show Cargo Logistics works alongside our subsidiary SCPACK
to provide top class export packing and cargo storage services.
In addition, we have a multitude of established networks with trusted, local partners around the world
that take care of customs, insurance, and the local transportation of goods.
Thus far we have achieved customer satisfaction each
and every year for our time management and cost saving results.
This is something we take great pride in and aim to repeat with each and every undertaking.

Right time, Right place, Right cargo!

Show Cargo Logistics provides bespoke care for shipments based on the unique characteristics and purpose of the item. This is not a one size fits all operation! We treat each item with the respect it deserves and will safely deliver the right cargo to the right place at the right time!